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After all of the years seeing Megatron toy as everything from a tank to a dinosaur, it is good to lastly see the Decepticon leader Voyager Classic Megatron as a gun again like he should be, even if it isn’t the original gun version. The design of Classic Megatron toy is extremely well accomplished in his gun and robot mode and is reminiscent of traditional G-1 look from the original cartoon series, especially with him having the cannon on his arm just like the original. I’d even go so far as to say You will like this Megatron toy better than the original one which came out in the 80s, which looked hideous in robot form unlike the cartoon.

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Voyager Classic Megatron Owner Review

Awesome. I’ve never owned a version of Megatron even though my allegance has always been with the decepticons since I’ve had intrest in the series. From the beggining my favorite has been starscream, I decided It was time to own a version of the strongest spark that can be found in cybertron. I never liked his Lugar versions from the first consepts, and Always thought it was just stupid that he could just change size when he became a robot in the show.

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But this year’s Voyager Classic Megatron is one of the best transformers Ive got, and my favorite version of him yet (including his Galvatron”tank” alter-ego, and T-rex Beast forms) He transforms from a gun again, but this time its a big chunky blaster with a scope instead of a lugar as originally. This allows for a much better look in robot form, with good movement and well placed joints, which is often the biggest problem with transformers. It surprized me how evened out his robot form is as compared to how contorted it has to be to form his gun mode. The only unsymmetrical point is his Gun’s Giant scope doubles as a Giant Blaster for him in Robot form, it’s built into him so he’s all one very nice and complex piece.

The sides of the Transformers Classic Megatron gun become his wings, which are a little too heavy for him to stand striaght up with,that was about my ONLY problem with it. If your one who likes to figure them out without the instructions first (like me) it was easy to form him to robot after a little thought, then I was clueless how to get him BACK to gun mode (had to peek at the instructions). In all I say Classic Megatron Robot form is much cooler but his gun mode feels a little more useful as a second toy then the other cars and jets, collector or just getting into the series, Voyager Classic Megatron figure is definitly one you’ll enjoy.

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